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[Accepted]Ban Appeal


Minecraft user: OneHappyKitty

Confession/Explanation: When i was on mcsteamed I wanted to go home which is /home but i didn't know and i did /w home because normally you warp somewhere and it brought me to AgentToblerone and ChillyPixy's warp.  I thought it was like a spawn or something like in other servers. So i took a few things like armor because mine was low.

Reason you should be unbanned: I did not mean to take things, and I will never do it again because now i know /home. :P  I will give back any of the things i took or what they say is missing. I am truly sorry this happened.

I say close enough in the format, as I did the ban.  I have the info on the theft, but not at my computer.  I believe both teddy and kitty realize the error and should be allowed back.

Yes, I agree on both (2nd players appeal also confirmed).

2nd chance granted


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