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[Accepted] cami_craft ban appeal


Minecraft username:

Banned by (if known):
think cheech

my nephew got banned for griefing , he confessed he stolen diamonds she think more or less 12 , and some iron , may be other stuff; she doesnt remember .
the chest weren unbeaconed and had access.

Reason you feel you should be unbanned:
she's a child also non english speaker , she only understand some basic english; generally Enters the server with me but that weekend I was off , and she came home and  entered the server and got the things.
Already talked with real real fish ; the things stolen were from his child , I talked with my nephew and told her about the situation, she said that won't be doing it anymore.

As childs got short memory  .... if you seen her and Im not on , keep an eye on her please :).


Jaspa, I don't see any reason not to let cami_craft back on the server. As long as you informed your nephew about the server rules and now understands what happens when they are broken.



Did you explain it to her by stealing her candies or toys? :D If not, maybe you should try that approach in case she griefs again. ;)


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