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I have been banned for cheating or using X-ray. The truth, I was not using the X-ray, I honestly don't even know how to install X-ray.

I don't know if I deserve to be unbanned, but I really liked playing on the server when I could and I hope I'll be able to have just as much fun if I'll be able to join again

Here is the ban:

blockmastr26    pipscraft    cheating, using xray, appeal at    2015-11-12

It has been over a year and this is a new map.
That I know of, I haven't seen or had any issues with you in the past before this.
I would say OK to let you back in, with this kind of ban I believe an agreement from all current staff will be needed.
The final decision would be up to pips.


it has been a while , and this is a new map.   What i recall there were a few digs in question.   You stated you did not use X-ray , but then next, state you do not know if you deserve to be unbanned...   i am a bit confused by that,  as the statement seems to be stating you did do something wrong.

. Its a new year, new map so yeah. But I would be mindful not to raise anymore flags since player scrutiny sticks around after these situations. Play clean and have fun!  8) No objections here...

I agree halfax that is really confusing saying I didn't do it, but I don't know if I deserve unban. :D

Anyways, in recent times no one was banned for xray by mistake, since that is something that usually 3 or 4 staff members has to check. Except that, we check ALL edit logs of that player, and for some time trying to prove to each other that he/she didn't do it. That's right, first assumption is on the side of the cheater. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So we go log by log, and try to prove it was luck or normal ore hit... then at some point it becomes obvious that something fishy is happening in the mine.

You will have your chance to play again, but be aware that we are never sleeping, we still log edits of all players and after all, have many years of experience as "xray hunters" :P

Appeal Accepted


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