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I am so sorry about this! I did not mean to do this! I am being honest! I got confused and was trying to go to my house (in minecraft) but ended up at AgentToblerone and ChillyPixy's warp! I was so dumb X(! I thought it was a part of spawn! I'm not trying to make up any excuses! I've been so mad at myself for this! If you don't beleive me it's fine. I understand. I'm sorry about my mistake. It will never happen again whatsoever, I promise.

redo it needs to look like this, mods well ignore till you change it.

Minecraft username:

Banned by (if known):


Reason you feel you should be unbanned:

the ban appeal won't be addressed until you use the proper ban appeal "form" that Cab posted.

Ok. Thank you Cab!


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